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Words really do matter.

Do you need your story told?  I’m a PR and communications pro specializing in public relations / writing / social media / marketing communications.

As a former agency vice president, I understand your challenge.

  • I can help you focus and find just the right words.
  • Create exciting content and interact with the right people.
  • Finish the job quickly and efficiently.
  • Add more value to your existing team.
  • Get you through those transitional periods.
  • Stand in during maternity or medical leave.
  • Help maintain consistent staff levels and save on employee benefits.
  • Jump in to help manage an influx of new business.

I’m a highly skilled pro who has worked with many top agencies and organizations. I’ve worked in high tech, arts and entertainment, consumer electronics, education, non-profit, healthcare, government, publishing, photography, environmental, travel, hospitality, retail, banking, finance, food and beverage, business-to-business, among others.

That perfect blend of creativity, talent, passion, experience, love of learning, team spirit, and strong work ethic.

I learn the ropes quickly and produce quality work that saves my clients headaches, money and time.

Let’s talk about what you need.